Curriculum vitae

Pavel Mihaduk
DoB: Oct 4, 1985
Martial status: married, 2 kids


I’m a UNIX administrator with deep experience in different aspects of system administration. Particularly interested in designing and implementing Linux-based infrastructures and building fault-tolerant, high-loaded solutions. Enjoy solving difficult and non-standard tasks which require deep investigation and provide unique experience. Able to learn fast and eager to new knowledge.

Employment history

Jun 2012 - nowadays
Role: DevOps

As a part of Development Operations team responsible for maintaining the whole stack of web services around famous World of Tanks/Warplanes/Warships/Blitz MMO games, including, but not limited to: Internet portals, clanwars, payment system, identity service, and many others. Participate in automation tools development.
Was responsible for hosting platform for staging environment, initiated and successfully carried out stagings migartion from LXC to OpenVZ platfom, as well as whole VMs infrastructre redesign, which resulted in more stable and reliable stagings environment.
Actively participate in establishing ITSM and provide support to Process and Quality department. Take the lead of research subdivision inside Production team, designed and implemented HA web frontend for whole stack of web applications per realm.
Designed and taking architect/engineer role in cloud solution development, using container virtualization to provide scalable and reliable platform for web application hosting in production, with minimal upgrade downtime (up to zero-downtime).

Oct 2007 - May 2012

Role: Senior/Lead Technical Specialist, Team Lead

As a service architect participated in development of WebSphere Commerce based e-sales solution, was responsible for development and testing environments design. As a lead of Minsk J2EE team took the responsibility of the whole platform implementation. The project was finished successfully.
As an infrastructure architect participated in bid preparation for Nordic NDA customer; my role was to define hardware specs and software package, and to develop architecture and PoC of a solution similar to (technical part, resources definition, and estimation).
As an infrastructure architect participated in bid preparation for Russian NDA customer (one of the biggest home-electronics retailer on Russian market); my role was to develop solution for taking backups from SAP application, Siebel CRM, and Oracle Data Integrator together with underlying Oracle databases, both software and hardware. Also developed overall design of High-Availability cluster for Oracle, Siebel and Oracle Data Integrator.
As a team lead was responsible for the whole Minsk J2EE team management, including contacts with onsite managers, Personal Development Discussion activities, reporting, team satisfaction, etc.
During last year of employment was involved in Tieto Open Source Labs, acting like Linux administrator and architecture consultant. Also was performing roles of security and architecture consultant for Tieto Open Application Suite and a proprietary solution platform based on it.

Short summary of software/technologies used:
OS: Solaris 10, RHEL 5/6, Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu Server, IBM AIX 5.3;
Application servers: BEA/Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, IBM WebSphere product family (WAS, Commerce Server, Portal Server);
Programming languages: Java, Python/Jython, Bash;
Web servers: Apache 1.3/2.x, IBM IHS;
DBMS: IBM DB2 9, MySQL/MariaDB 5.x, PostgreSQL 8;
Virtualization: OpenVZ, kvm (qemu-kvm), libvirt, VMware ESX;
Clustering: Sun Cluster

May 2007 - nowadays

Eurostream Ltd.
Role: Lead Techical Specialist / Architect

Designed and developed a small hosting company IT infrastructure and controlled its implementation.
Responsible for maintaining existing infrastructure, creating new solutions, top-level customer support.
Developed automation tools, monitoring and overall design of the crypto mining pool

Short summary of software/technologies used:
OS: CentOS, Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu Server;
DBMS: MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 8/9;
E-mail: Postfix, Dovecot;
Programming languages: PHP, Bash, Python;
Web servers: Apache 2.x, nginx, lighthttpd;
DNS: ISC BIND 9, powerdns;
Virtualization: OpenVZ, kvm, Proxmox.

Feb 2006 - Sep 2007

Role: 2nd-Tier Support Engineer/ Senior sysadmin

After joining the company at position of 2nd Tier support engineer was shortly promoted to senior sysadmin (July 2006). Was responsible for technical support of existing hosting environment, solving critical problems, mentoring newcomers and organizing the support team working processes.
Designed and implemented a simple DDoS mitigation solution using IPTABLES firewall with IPSET extension and a set of Bash scripts.
Have participated in bid preparation for outsource support service for a UK-based hosting company, the bid was won.

Short summary of software/technologies used:
OS: RHEL 4 AS, FreeBSD 4/5/6, Windows Server 2003;
Control panels: Parallels HSPc, Plesk, cPanel;
Firewalls: IPTABLES, pf, ipfw;
DBMS: MySQL 4/5, PostgreSQL 8, MSSQL 2005;
E-mail: Qmail, Exim, Postfix, Courier;
Programming languages: PHP, Perl, BASH;
Web servers: Apache 1.3/2, lighthttpd;
Virtualization: Virtuozzo/OpenVZ, FreeBSD jail.


Russian - Native speaker
English - Advanced (CEFR C1)
German, Polish - B1

Education, trainings and certifications

Gymnasium #1, Baranovichi, Belarus
Graduated cum laude from high school

Oct 2008
Bureau Veritas
Information Security Internal Auditors Training Course. Standard ISO/IEC 27001:2005

Aug 2009
HappyPM (
Project Management training

May 2010
Tieto Academy (Tieto educational programme)
Project Resource Management training

Honors and Awards

Yandex.Root 2012 - 7th place as a part of a 4-member team
Wargaming CTF 2019 - 3rd place as a part of 4-member team